I see a lot of thrill in the "first day of new owner" posts by David I and Allen Bauer. They had a "welcome party" and at the party they seemed to have fun (by looking at the pictures...). By the way, nice teeshirt (this is head of product management Greg Jorgensen wearing it, in a picture taken by Anders Ohlsson):

I'm personally very happy with the news (don't know why one commenters at my blog saw me doubtful yesterday). My company sold quite a few Delphi licenses yesterday (I hope this money goes into Embarcadero pockets!). I've seen many references to the deal in the IT press. I also read an interesting article/interview with CodeGear product manager Micheal Swindell at TechRepublic: "CodeGear: Working hard to Rejunevate its Legacy". The article has a very positive mood":

I bet the name Borland conjures up fond memories for nearly every programmer who has more than 10 years of experience.

But amongst much well-known information, the article has a small interesting bit that sounds totally new to me:

CodeGear’s .NET products are expanding in new directions, which include RIA development and targeting other platforms (through systems such as Mono).

Interesting... he probably knows a few things we don't know!