Good Bye, The Delphi Magazine

After stopping printing the magazine last year, The Delphi Magazine is now closing also its online magazine. Sad, but not unexpected.

Ben Smith on CodeGear

Yesterday, David I hosted a chat featuring Ben Smith, CodeGear's CEO.

The First Half of 2007 Will See a New Release of Delphi...

A recent article on CodeGear provides some insight on the next version of Delphi...

QuickReport and TeeChart for Delphi 2006 Registered Users

Two new freebies are available for Delphi 2006 registered users.

Unicode and CF Shift in Updated Delphi Roadmap

According to Bob Swart, who quotes Nick Hodges, we'll get Unicode support in Delphi sooner than anticipated and CF support delayed.

CodeGear.com is up and running

The new company has a web site. Good job.

Delphi and Vista

With the release of the Business versions of Vista, there has been quite some activity in the Delphi community to figure out how to best support the new version of the OS.

Microsoft betting on .NET... or JavaScript?

Microsoft keeps pushing .NET to developers... but they are investing in a different technology (namely JavaScript) for some of their own new products.

Vista and .NET and Win32 (again)

I've come across a very funny article pretending Win32 programs don't work on Vista any more... and all code has to be moved to .NET for the new version of the Windows OS. Funny... or astonishing!

Year 2006 as Seen by Allen Bauer

Allen Bauer of CodeGear has a superb post summarizing the Borland-selling-IDE-spinning-off-CodeGear saga.