December 7, 2006

The First Half of 2007 Will See a New Release of Delphi...

A recent article on CodeGear provides some insight on the next version of Delphi...

In a Q&A with, Malcolm Groves tells us (emphasis mine):

The first half of 2007 will see a new release of Delphi, which while adding support for .NET 2.0 and 3.0, continues our commitment to native Windows development. We recognise the need to continue supporting Win32 developers, and in fact are continuing to extend both the language (eg. Generics for Win32) and the IDE for this platform.

Further out, we're adding 64-bit native support and as always, a very easy migration path for people to move their 32-bit code forward. On the .NET side, ECO, our model driven framework, continues to be extended, with support for VCL.NET being added, while we're updating the Delphi for .NET language to support the new goodies in .NET such as generics, nullable types, etc.

That's a lot of news... On the native side he mentions generics on Win32 and native 64-bit (although the "further out" seems to imply in a future version). On the .NET side the expected .NET 2.0 support seems to be joined by a 3.0 support. Truly, the two share the same core, so if you support .NET 2.0 you are already supporting .NET 3.0, thanks to Microsoft nonsense versioning ideas... However, it might be tempting to hope Delphi will start getting support for some of the extra libraries that actually make up 3.0. And the new ECO features (VCL.NET in particular) should be a real bonus for those who like ECO.

Not everything here is really new... but it is nice to start getting public info (beyond the roadmap) of what is coming along.



The First Half of 2007 Will See a New Release of Delphi... 

Just a short notice to let you know that this blog
entry was mentioned in the Delphi Hour:
Comment by Marco Cantù [] on December 8, 00:30

The First Half of 2007 Will See a New Release of Delphi... 

There may be a new version of Delphi coming... But 
unless it has more to offer than the last few 
releases it'll be dead in the water.

When the Falafel team, one or Borland's most 
enthusiastic supporters of the past, moves on (to VS) 
the writing is on the wall. And they just represent 
the tip of the iceberg.

The problem with Delphi/Borland/Whatever is and has 
been for years, total and complete mismanagement at 
the executive level.

Enough said!
Comment by Niels Damgaard on December 10, 01:26

The First Half of 2007 Will See a New Release of Delphi... 

That's starting to reminds me an old ad on PC 
Magazine. There was a big lorry running under a full 
moon, and the ad said:
"While dBase promises the Moon, Clipper delivers"
That's what's happening. While competitors are 
delivering large chunks of stuff we are still 
at "roadmaps", "in a next release", "maybe one day" 
and so on.
Stop chatting please - while CodeGear hasn't still a 
website with official informations.
They have to deliver something, to send out betas 
thys we can see what they're doing and tell them if 
they are off-track or not. They already lost a lot of 
time with the spin-off farce.
We need to know what's in the next release exactly. 
They (and we) are running after the leaders now, 
can't they understand that at last?
Comment by Kent Morwath on December 11, 00:35

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