December 16, 2006 is up and running

The new company has a web site. Good job.

The CodeGear web site is up and running. The first impression is good. The logo is nice and I hope thye don't mind if I refer to it from here:

The page is quite clear and enjoyable. Not too crowded. Not only most of the content has been moved from Borland site (although a few links still point there), but we have also new domains for relevant sites, including:

There are still a few bugs... like the first article "Welcome to CodeGear" of the home page liked to an internal URL,  "http://swerver/Default.aspx?tabid=137". Also, I don't particularly like the structure of the URLs. Truly the Delphi page can be reached as "", but if you navigate to it you'll get either in "" or in ""... but I'm probably being too picky for the first edition of a web site. I hope everything is fixed and the site improved. For now, it looks nice and promising...


2 Comments is up and running 

Thanks for the quick review and pointing out the 
broken link.  This has been fixed!
Comment by Mark Trenchard - CodeGear IT Director [] on December 16, 09:55

I like the product and developer oriented style 

Last night, I've seen CodeGear website up and running,
too. Some of the images were missing, but it seems
they have made these resources available.

I like the new "product oriented" style: development
tools appear as the "main characters", and this is
really good, since CodeGear must focus on them and
their users.

Some days ago, I sent an XML file with Italian
translations for CodeGear portal, maybe other Italian
developers have done the same, but there is still no
Italian language available: I hope they won't ignore
there are many Italian developers who cares about
Borland development tools, now become CodeGear tools.

However, I think the new CodeGear website is a good start.

Comment by Marco Breveglieri [] on December 16, 16:30

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