December 19, 2006

Delphi and Vista

With the release of the Business versions of Vista, there has been quite some activity in the Delphi community to figure out how to best support the new version of the OS.

Last week I gave a full day workshop on Delphi programming for Vista ( which I can repeat for your company, in case you are interested), trying to figure out all of the problems that Delphi applications can bump into for the new version of the Windows operating system. The main issues relate with the way the system displays a miniature of the main form as you tab between forms (something Delphi's global application window doesn't help with), the use of new user interface elements (TaskDialogs, new common controls, new styles, a new system font...), and the limited permissions applications have to save files in various locations of the file system.

There is already quite a lot of Delphi for Vista documentation out there (with the Developer Network Vista page as a good starting point), and I might publish also my material when it is finished.

A related issue is with databases. During the seminar, we tried starting InterBase (I think I had InterBase 7.5 installed along with Delphi 2006), with no success. I've now seen why in this blog entry by Fredrik Haglung. After that, we tried installing FireBird 2.0 instead (as I wanted to test a Delphi client/server application on Vista) and the process was very smooth.

Not everyone is happy with Vista, in particular because it seems to talk a little too much with Redmond's servers. The FSF is actually starting a BadVista campaign. I have to say there are a few non-tecnical issues I don't like... but that's a separate story.



Delphi and Vista 

Well, it looks like that bad written applications 
stop working. It was really time.
But it's scary to read "IB was released before 
Vista". Right, but Vista was coming, betas were 
available and it was not an obscure OS no one would 
care of. Noone at CodeGear thought to perform some 
If IBConsole does not work it's not a problem - it 
never worked really...
Comment by Kent Morwath on December 20, 11:39

Delphi and Vista 

Marco, the link to Haglung's blog entry is broken.
There is an extra space in the middle.
Comment by Romulo A. Ceccon [] on December 20, 19:24

Delphi and Vista 

Why all that rumble about new font?!
If you are using MS Shell Dlg 2 font, the font is
automatically replaced by Windows default GUI font?!
It just works you don't have to do nothing.

As regarding window preview, now Code gear will
hopefully stop with moronic behavior, that
TApplication is Parent for all forms. And it's window
is displayed in Taskbar. Because of that behavior also
displaying multiple forms in Taskbar is not working as
Hopefully there is a workaround about all this
Comment by Miha [] on December 21, 14:08

Delphi and Vista 

Fredrik's name is Haglund, not Fredrik "Haglung" :)
Comment by Hallvard Vassbotn [] on January 2, 13:07

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