December 4, 2006

Good Bye, The Delphi Magazine

After stopping printing the magazine last year, The Delphi Magazine is now closing also its online magazine. Sad, but not unexpected.

The Delphi Magazine has announced in a letter to all subscribers, sent along with the December 2006 issue, that:

the March 2007 magazine (Issue 139) will be the last full issue to be produced. We may be able to produce some more articles after this date, but we cannot promise to do so, and they won't be in the form of full magazine issues.

As Dr. Bob (one of the most prolific The Delphi Magazine writers) mentions in his blog, he expects to write some more articles in the coming months and the magazine is actually offering a (rather cheat) online only subscription. You can find Julian Bucknall's opinion here: he's another devoted writer of the magazine. For many reasons I ended up writing for them only occasionally over the years... but I was (and I still am) an avid reader... too bad this has to end.

Good Luck, Chris Frizelle, and good bye, The Delphi Magazine.



Good Bye, The Delphi Magazine 

"he mentioned that this year has been extremely hard 
for the magazine: apparently the subscription level 
started dropping off alarmingly after Borland made 
their announcement about spinning off the Developer 
Tools Group"

"that's the same impression I get from all over: 
sales of Delphi-related stuff, including Delphi 
itself, have declined badly with the uncertainly 
about its future"

Borland mismanagement still casts its dark shadow 
upon Delphi :(

Please CodeGear, hurry up and make something to 
correct the situation. A web site with some more 
info would be a good start, especially some info 
about the next version - don't hope people will buy 
D2006 just because of a new *Borland* subsidiary.

If magazines close, If I were them I'd start to 
publish my own with those authors - their quality 
was far above the average stuff one can get via 
Google. Coding is not "cut and paste"... :)
Comment by Kent Morwath on December 4, 19:23

Good Bye, The Delphi Magazine 

Some questions:
Will they compile a new CD containing all articles 
up to March 2007?
Will the CD still be sold till the end of 2007?
I bought the last CD of Delphi Informant and prefer 
to have it all on a single CD.
Comment by JP on December 5, 06:26

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