2006 EuroDevCon / EKON 10, Final Days

The last day of the conference, some more thoughts on entire conference, and my one-day workshop, after getting back home.

Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's?

Today's SD Times newsletter, "News on Monday", titles "No Sale at Borland", but claims the announcement is imminent.

Why aren't you upgrading Delphi? Reasons and myths.

Nick Hodges has started a very interesting thread and is receiving many responses based on facts, but also many based on myths.

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine

There are 3 Delphi books on Lulu. I'm planning to add a couple of mine... and ask you to help me pick the topic.

The Alternative Delphi Roadmap (by Simon Kissel)

Simon Kissel has published a very interesting proposal asking DevCo to invest in the Delphi Win32 (and Linux) more than in the .Net side. Very interesting appraoch.

Why aren't you upgrading Delphi? The debate is hot.

With almost 1,150 messages in a single thread of the non-tech newsgroup, hundreds of comments to several blog posts, alternative roadmaps flourishing, the debate is quite hot (and for good reasons).

Reading a Long Thread in a Browser (and Looking for Beta Testers)

As mentioned in my previous post, there is a long message in non-technical, which provides an interesting test case for my newsgroup front-end on the web...

Delphi .NET Language: First Class, NameSpaces, and More

Just a pointer to a couple of recent posts involving the Delphi language on the .NET platform, plus my perspective on them.

Online Backup with Mozy

I've started using an online backup system... and I find both the idea and the implementation quite interesting.

Borland DTG Sponsors the Firebird Conference 2006

Hard to believe at first, but I think this is a GREAT news. DevCo is sponsoring the FireBird Conference 2006 in Prague, in the coming month.

A Flexible Installer for a New Delphi Sales Model

In a newsgroup post, Chris Pattinson of DevCo outlines a possible new strategy for deploying Delphi in a component based fashion... which in turn will promote subscriptions.

Vista and Delphi and Eulas

There is a very good article about Delphi and Vista... and also many on the new rules Microsoft is setting for the coming version of the Windows OS.

Mixed-Mode Delphi? Not For Me

There has been some recent discussion about having Delphi support .NET mixed-mode, like Microsoft's C++/CLI does. I think the current Delphi .NET strategy is far better.

Delphi Survey 2006

The yearly survey of the Delphi community is online.