October 10, 2006

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine

There are 3 Delphi books on Lulu. I'm planning to add a couple of mine... and ask you to help me pick the topic.

Lulu is a very popular print-on-demand system. There are currently 3 Delphi books published on it:

I've been thinking of publishing on Lulu for some time, but having seen the current status of my published books, I'm now resolved to make a couple of experiments, before deciding what to do with my next mayor book. In this post of Nick Hodges on Julian's book on Lulu, I was referenced indirectly twice: once by Nick ("What I really hope is that one of those authors with a really fat book will choose to use lulu instead of the traditional publishing houses for their next edition."); once by Kent Morwath ("I'd like to see books like "The Delphi Developer's Handbook" made availabe this way.").

Rather than reprinting an old book (DDH was written in Delphi 2 days...), I though about taking some of the material and revising it for a newer version of Delphi. There are two different books that might come out of this effort, one on writing VCL components, the other on advanced Win32 API programming topics. However, I currently have other material I can run into a book, including OOP techniques, patterns, Web 2.0 and AJAX, as well as publish some of my introductory books for Delphi newcomers.

Before deciding, I thought it would be a good idea to run a poll, asking you which topics you'd like best. So I've spent a couple of hours to finish some polling support for this site (I had an earlier version for another site, never published, so this is more or less a "second beta version"), and made a poll available. Beside providing comments to this post as usual, I ask you to VOTE A BOOK TOPIC or suggest one. You can check the current votes here.



Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 

 I'd like to see an updated book on creating VCL
components. Not a new book has come out in years.
Comment by Pepe T on October 10, 04:03

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 

 Not fair!!!  I see at least three titles [four if you
get to the results page and see Delphi Handbook: Unit
Testing] in the list I'd like to see published.

I voted for the one I want to see you publish "first" ;-)
Comment by Dave on October 10, 04:25

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 


I thank God for you every day.  You are a blessing to
the community.  Please keep up the good work!

There is no doubt in my mind that "Writing Web 2.0 RAD
Applications with Delphi and Free Pascal" is a major
new topic of the times.  I would like you to concider
focusing on cross-platform techniques that use simple,
portable native Pascal back-ends and AJAX technologies
on the client.  What we need are the missing Pascal
chapters from "AJAX in Action".  I'm sure the
Delphi/Lazarus way will be at least as good as Ruby on
Rails and TurboGear (Python), as the depth of the
Delphi community is surprisingly deep and there are
many existing pieces to help build very robust back
ends.  The question I have is: "WHY NOT PASCAL?"  It
is like the Rodney Dangerfield of languages these days
(no respect).  This book should change that.  
Comment by on October 10, 07:21

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 


I voted, but in addition, just a couple of thoughts:

1) Those who know you are not likely to ask for
Essential Delphi. That doesn't mean there is no need
for such a book (I think there is a need for such a
book), just that the polling sample is biased in that

2) Looks to me that placing Web 2.0 and Ajax on the
same level as OOP techniques and patterns introduces
another bias: The former is the buzz of the day, the
later is a long term topic that's mostly independant
of Delphi versions and could become a reference book
usable for years. 

The bottom line is, it looks to me like there is
currently a lack of good reference books. 
I interpret the Julian's success with "Algorithms and
Data Structures" book
as yet another clue in that direction.

Just my ten cents... :)
Comment by Filofel on October 10, 10:23

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 

 I voted for Delphi Handbook: Writing VCL Components
also I would like to see Delphi Handbook: Advanced 
Win32 Techniques and Delphi Handbook: OOP Techniques 
and Patterns, but I can only vote one time ;-)
Comment by Mohammed Nasman [http://www.mnasman.com] on October 10, 11:17

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 

I dislike big books. But have read your Delphi
Handbook. Appeal to the collector in all of us a
(re)write a series of  Delphi related books. Another
idea would be to provide an alternate delphi help
system that cross references to your books.

Comment by David Champion on October 10, 11:52

shipping costs 


I ordered the tomes of delphi book from lulu and was 
unpleasantly surprised by their shipping costs to 
Europe. It was almost as much as the book's price 
tag. Given that they could "just" print the books in 
Europe instead of shipping them from the US, I think 
there must be an alternative.

Comment by Thomas Mueller [http://www.dummzeuch.de] on October 10, 12:06

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 

Thomas, I paid 20 euro for the book and 8 for 
Comment by Kent Morwath on October 11, 13:45

.NET 3.0 

Hi Marco,

yesterday we were at a MSDN Techtalk here in Germany 
about the Worflow Foundation which is integrated 
in .NET 3.0. It was to say at least *VEEEEEERY* 
interesting! The speaker said that .NET 3.0 uses the 
same infrastructure as .NET 2.0 so AFAIKS it should 
be possible to program it with an technical preview 
of highlander (when it is released). And perhaps even 
possible to use these stuff with the current Delphi 

So a book about .NET 3.0 in Delphi would be my dream!

best regards

Ralf Grenzing
Comment by Ralf Grenzing [] on October 12, 14:00

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 

Ralph: ".NET 3.0" is .NET 2.0 plus some stuff to 
support Vista. AFAIK it is *not* a new release of 
the framework. There were some discussion about MS 
marketing dictating nonsensical release numbers.

Anyway, being 2.0 you can't use it with D2005 or 
2006. You'd need a Delphi release supporting .NET 
2.0, at least.
Comment by Kent Morwath on October 12, 17:18

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 


I did not know that .NET "has become the most 
successful developer platform in the world". MS reps 
live in their own world, perhaps...
Comment by Kent Morwath on October 12, 19:12

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 

It would be interesting if "print on demand" could 
create a market for "smaller books" on more narrow 
features. Sometimes 900 pages books about all 
aspects of Delphi could not be the right choice. 
Someone could be more interested in database 
development but not web development or viceversa. 
Someone else could be a good Delphi developer but 
never wrote a multithreaded app really, and so on. 
Maybe a group of smaller books could fit user needs 
better than a huge one.
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on October 12, 22:48

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 

I second the small books idea. Mastering Delphi series
are my favorites, but I think Marco is going to agree,
Its getting overwhelming and I don't think a 1500
pages Mastering Delphi 2007 or Highlander is going to
be great to write, read, charge or ship. It wouldn´t
cover the entire Delphi platform either as it is so
diverse. It wold be great if we had a entire Delphi
collection, like some official Alias-wavefront Maya
books I had seen sometime ago. Maybe a framework book
covering topics from IDE to VCL.NET, and then others
covering DB programming, Web programming (AJAX
included please), and the specialized and hoped topics
like Multithread, Desing patterns, etc.
Thats the real advantage of a print-on-demand system. 
Whatever the project will be, I'm in, As a user al
least. Good Luck.
Comment by Salvador Gomez Retamoza [] on October 13, 01:16

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 

to Kent:

it is not completly true that you can not use .NET 
2.0 (and 3.0) in Delphi 2006. See the link!

Because workflow foundation and its designer is 
plugable (and the other stuff I guess) I thinh it is 
possible to do something with it in Delphi!
Comment by Ralf Grenzing [http://delphi-notes.blogspot.com/2006/03/eager-to-use-delphinet-for-net-20.html] on October 13, 13:21

Delphi Books on Lulu: Vote for Mine 

Ralf: "you can" is different from "you do". No 
professional developer would take the hassle to use 
a non supported .NET version. For example, you can't 
use the new language features (the compiler does not 
support them) and the debugger won't work.
And I would never deploy to a customer such an 
Comment by Kent Morwath on October 13, 17:42

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