October 18, 2006

Online Backup with Mozy

I've started using an online backup system... and I find both the idea and the implementation quite interesting.

I've started using Mozy, on online backup system you can find here (disclaimer: if you signup with this link and start use the system I'll get some bonus memory space, but you should get some extra as well).

I find the idea quite interesting. You get 2GB for free and the upgrade to the 30 GB offer for 5 $ a month. I've seen GMail and other online services not meant for this service used for backup, but they seem too much of a hack. This service has a nice configuration, keeps everything encoded, runs in the background (with a bandwith usage limit), and seems to have all I'd ask to a backup system, without having to run one directly on my server. Interesting. I wonder if Amazon (with S3) and GDrive (whenever and if this will happen) will offer similar capabilities... and maybe there are alredy better alternatives I'm not aware of.

By the way, before you ask, the Win32 client application you download after signing up (an unusual approach, I have to say) looks like it was written in Visual C++, not in Delphi. So this is not a Delphi-related post.



Online Backup with Mozy 

Surprisingly AOL offer the best online drive/backup 
deal. And no it's not lame.

Check out http://www.XDrive.com

It is 5GB for free, and 50GB for the paid plan.
Comment by Boris Yankov [http://www.borisyankov.com] on October 18, 02:50

Color me paranoid... 

 It's 12am, do you know where your backups are?  And 
who might have access to them?
Comment by Xepol on October 18, 09:33

Online Backup with Mozy 

XDrive looks very interesting, because you can also
use it as a remote disk, and not only for the backups.
Mozy is for backups only, with a "slow" recovery
procedure (good enough for a system crash, but nothing
else). Thanks for the pointer, I'll look into it.

you can use 128-bit encryption, with your own PK,
seems save to me. The alternative, backups on your
server, is fine untile someone steals all the
computers in your office or you get a fire. Tapes and
DVDs tend to be a hassle for a small shop, I know I
cannot do them every day.
Comment by Marco Cantù [http://www.marcocantu.com] on October 18, 10:52

Who can read it? And how secure is it? 


I am much too paranoid to use such a service. The 
things I want to backup most securely are also the 
things I don't want in anybody else's hands. And 
what do you know about THEIR backup strategy?

Comment by Thomas Mueller [http://www.dummzeuch.de] on October 18, 11:07

How secure... 

"And what do you know about THEIR backup strategy?"...
Not much but I know enuogh about MY backup strategy,
so I won't something else!!!
My point is, if you do your backups, go ahead. If you
don't always (like I do) better find a hassle-free
solution. And my PC is probably more subject to
attacks than theirs, anyway.
Comment by Marco Cantù [http://www.marcocantu.com] on October 18, 11:12

Online Backup with Mozy 

I think that reading these answers (and the answers 
I've received myself in your newsgroup where I have 
first talked about mozy) demonstrates how hard is to 
sell an online service these days...
Comment by Roby on October 18, 12:21

Online Backup with Mozy 

What happens if their server crashes ?
What happens if the firm vanish in the air ?
Is your data in a safer place ? Who can have a look at
it ?

I'm too afraid for such a backup solution !
Comment by on October 18, 12:31

Online Backup with Mozy 

I use Mozy too and it seems to be good. Privacy is not
a concern since I can use my own key.

I believe the owner of this company setup archive.org
so I am not too worried about the credentials.

If you are worried about privacy maybe think about how
much private information comes through your email
cheers, Stuart
Comment by stuart [] on October 18, 12:46

Online Backup with Mozy 

I use www.box.net (1 Gb free) and
(25 GB free!!!).

Good luck!
Comment by Igor Skomrokh [http://delphigeek.blogspot.com] on October 18, 14:48

Online Backup with Mozy 

Nowadays backup to a removable hard disk could be a 
cheap solution for small sites. There are even 
encrypted ones. Just remove the disk and put it in a 
safe. It's fast, and reliable.
Anyway, an off-site backup server is always a plus 
for some important data you can't lose even if your 
office is destroyed. Data could be always encrypted 
strongly before uploading them. What service to used 
depends on how much your data are valuable, 
especially for "others".
Comment by Kent Morwath on October 18, 19:09

Online Backup with Mozy 

You might check out Carbonite at www.carbonite.com.  
They offer a program that sounds similar to Mozy but 
with unlimited space for $5/month.  Restore is 
relatively painless.
Comment by Lee on October 19, 16:18

Back up with Data Deposit Box! 

 I"m using Data Deposit Box right now and it's great.
the security issue is not even a problem because they
use 448 bit blowfish encryption. it's virtually
uncrackable because it would take foreverrr to decrypt.

check it out: <a
target=new>online data backup</a>
Comment by CBrown Jr [http://www.datadepositbox.com] on November 3, 23:06

Online Backup with Mozy 

<a href='http://www.ibackup.com'>IBackup</a> is a 
secure online data storage, access and data sharing 
solution for consumers and businesses with several 
possible interfaces and options to store, retrieve 
and manipulate your data. All IBackup applications 
have 128-bit SSL encryption as default option. 
IBackup has browser based and downloadable 
applications for Windows, Linux / Unix and Mac 

Just try their flagship application <a 
for Windows</a> to backup and restore your important 
files and folders. The backups are incremental and 
compressed that greatly reduce your network bandwidth 
by transferring portions of file that have been 
modified since the last backup. IBackup allows 
historical view of your data through use of its 
Snapshots technology. You should be able to see the 
files stored in your IBackup account during the 
previous days under the newly created directories 
with appropriate names. You can restore the files 
that you need from these directories just as you 
would, for any file or directory.

IBackup has a great application called <a 
a>. Using this, you can map the online account as a 
local drive on your computer and work on the 
documents or data as if they are on your PC. 
Webmanager, their browser-based application, allows 
you to ‘privately share’ data with another IBackup 
user. The shared data becomes immediately available 
to the shared user and it integrates seamlessly with 
the shared user’s account.  

You can also try <a 
Professional</a>, which provides a secure, efficient, 
reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use Internet-
based backup solution. The files and folders you 
backup are encrypted with a user-defined key so that 
the data stored on IBackup Professional servers 
cannot be decrypted by anybody other than you.
Comment by Dave [http://bravetechies.blogspot.com] on January 5, 15:08

Online Backup with Mozy But i Use OnlineBackupVault.com 

 I strongly reccomend www.onlinebackupvault.com after 
working in IT for almost 15 years i have seen many 
products and sites come and go.. i dont like the free 
stuff--- my grandmother always told me you get what 
you pay for...with the market saturated with backup 
competition i am finding the pay services is where a 
buisness needs to be...i have clients that their 
servers have hundreds if not millions of dollars 
worth of information saved on it...do you for 1 
thousand dollars a year they will complain? i have 
found online backup vault to offer superior tech 
support and a great alla around product. kudos
Comment by www.onlinebackupvault.com on September 16, 23:32

Online Backup or Should it be Online Restore 

I agree, you do get what you pay for.  If a service 
is free then you have no comeback if things go 
wrong.  It is not just about backing up data, 
afterall that is the easy bit.  It is about restoring 
data!  This is the reason why we backup, and if you 
cannot restore there is no point backing up.  This is 
the reason why you need to look at 
www.perfectbackup.co.uk because they offer a 
£1,000,000 data restore guarantee.
Comment by David Jones [http://www.perfectbackup.co.uk] on January 13, 01:45

Online Backup with Mozy 

If you are looking for an alternative to Mozy or
Carbonite, you can check out our data protection
service online at www.tomnica.com.  Not only does it
provide a great backup service, but it also allows you
to wipe or encrypt data in case your device gets lost
or stolen. Finally, you can monitor your device by
using features such as screenshots, webcam image
capture and device location tracking. All these
services are available in 1 package with a neat web
interface.  We have a free plan for 1 year. Try it out
and let us know what you think.

Laurent Luce
Director of Software
Tomnica, Inc.
Comment by Laurent Luce [http://www.tomnica.com] on November 14, 11:24

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