October 3, 2006

Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's?

Today's SD Times newsletter, "News on Monday", titles "No Sale at Borland", but claims the announcement is imminent.

Today's SD Times newsletter, "News on Monday" (which as far as I can tell is not available on their web site) covers as first article the lack of news from Borland, after the "promise" a few months back that the transaction would be done during the quarter ending September 30th. The article by Jennifer deJong, however, refers that an unnamed source close to the company told them that:

"The lawyers are dotting the i's and crossing the t's." ...
"The details [around licensing intellectual property ] are a lot more complicated than they thought."

According to the same article, delays might also be related to the recent decision by Borland (the ALM side of the company) of dumping the Core SDP project, which last year was supposed to be the solution of each IT problem in the world. As I mentioned in my lastest post, let's keep our fingers crossed.

An a related topic, I've found out at EKON that most people think Borland ALM will be the target of an acquisition by a much bigger company after the sale of their IDEs, which might as well interfere with the process. How soon after and which company is a matter of debate, though. Along Microsoft, some suggest Oracle and HP, with IBM slightly out of the picture as they already own Rational and many other related tools. I'm curious, what's your take?



Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's? 

Sell the ALM crap to MS already, Give DevCo the
Borland name, and lets get to chopping wood!!!
Comment by medbob [http://bob.kellum.googlepages.com] on October 3, 08:11

Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's? 

Well, now I undestand the odometer on Borland's home 
page, it's how much they are wasting each month 
following the company "We don't know where to go 
today" (tm) mission. Well, actually just ten people 
in the world understood what "Core SDP" was, almost 
noone will miss it :)
I'm much more afraid about lawyers... the damage 
they made to Mankind would require an International 
Court... Damn it! There would be lawyers there too!
Rumors about selling the ALM company dates back to 
the divesture announcement. I'm quite sure MS does 
not need to buy two dozen VPs, and some recent 
Borland announcements do not hint at selling the 
company (IMHO).
Comment by Kent Morwath on October 3, 11:03

Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's? 

My take from day 1 was Microsoft.
Wasn't the new CEO of Borland a former Microsoft 
employee?? Seems to me a clear signal: arrives, and 
after a few days announce dismiss of IDEs (the only 
obstacle for Borland's acquisition from Microsoft). 
They want the ALM tools for Visual Studio, and they 
have no time to develop themselves. Tod Nielsen is in 
mission from Redmond.
Comment by Roberto on October 3, 11:22

Borland and DevCo crashing the B's 

...and Microsoft chasing the $'s.
That is a common strategy from Redmond, right?
Maybe what we had to worry about is exactly the legal
details and the small letter at the footer. Obviously,
if MS is interested in having some competitors, and
this one (Borland) is in their hands, MS is going to
assure that they don't represent a real treat. So, if
our paranoic (but not so far from the MS logic) theory
is true, MS is going to kill two birds of a single
shot: Aquire some good and
well-known-but-not-too-much-known tools in order to
strenght and complete their products, and reduce the
market share of one of their competitors throwing some
legal obstacles after moving us, the borland
community, away from open source and multiplatform and
directing us towards their own technologies (.net).
Comment by Salvador Gomez Retamoza [] on October 3, 21:47

Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's? 

Some announcements hint that Borland is trying to 
become a consulting/service company, maybe something 
alike IBM, although much smaller. "Products" seems 
to play a smaller role.
Meanwhile MS has rolled out its TeamSystem line - 
does it need Borland ALM products anymore? Oracle 
has nothing, but does not look too much interested 
in the development side, it looks they are 
strenghtening their enterprise-level applications 
and infrastructure.
My bet is Borland will keep on floating around while 
trying to find a its identity, hope DevCo. will be 
spun off soon and could begin to surf the tech waves 
as they did in the best years...
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on October 4, 14:37

Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's? 

Didn't I read somewhere that the "licensing issues"
were more thorny than originally assumed, as the
reason why they blew past the quoted 3rd quarter date?
Given that they have stated early on that they intend
to cross-license technology between the two companies,
It could certainly make sense that if M$ is trying to
climb on the Borland end of the see-saw, that could
throw a monkey wrench in the works?
Inquiring minds want to know......
Comment by medbob on October 4, 17:17

Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's? 

Lawyers charge by the hour... the longer they take, 
the more they earn... 
Comment by Kent Morwath on October 4, 21:00

Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's? 

The simple fact is...DevCo if spun off by itself 
will not survive in 3 years. There are too many free 
dev't tools out there for too many different 
markets. The competitive advantage it once had with 
Delphi no longer exists. I am hoping/praying for 2 

1. It gets bought by a bigger company that 
complements its dev tools and nurtures them.

2. Remains independent but comes up with an 
innovative never-been-done-before product that would 
jump start its expansion and market share.

Comment by Impatient Delphi Loyalist on October 5, 08:20

Borland and DevCo Dotting the i's? 


  the new CEO was indeed at Microsoft, but later was
at Oracle... looking for companies to buy.

   indeed MS has Team System, but it does only a
fraction of what Borland tools (particularly those
bought over the last couple of years) can do.


  I don't see how DevCo cannot survive if they are
profitable today... and they can do better. Of course,
we all hope they come out with new products taking the
dev world by storm...
Comment by Marco Cantù [http://www.marcocantu.com] on October 5, 10:08

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