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May, 2017

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Delphi Web Razor Scripting Webinar on Thursday

Thursday May 4th (that is, in 2 days) I'll give the webinar on Razor Scripting with Delphi WebBroker, introducing the open source library I wrote (with help of a few others). The same day is also Star Wars Day. -- Read blog post.

Speaking at ADUG 2017 Symposium Next Week (and Visiting Australia)

Next week on Thursday and Friday I'll be speaking at the ADUG Symposium in Brisbane and Melbourne. I'll stop by in Syndey before that -- open to having a chat with customer and friends. -- Read blog post.

New FireDAC Database Status Page

Our doc team has just added a new page to the Status Wiki covering the versions of the databases FireDAC officially supports. -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio May 2017 Roadmap and Commentary

Over the last week, Embarcadero published a new official RAD Studio roadmap and an additional blog post with Product Manager comments and further information. -- Read blog post.

My Visit to Australia and ADUG Symposium

Last week I was in Australia for the ADUG Symposium, and also visited a couple of customers, and spent some time in tourist mode. Here are some pictures. -- Read blog post.

Centennial Bridge: BUILD, Creators Update, Windows 10 S and More

Some considerations on recent Microsoft announcements related with the Windows Desktop Bridge (aka Centennial Bridge), from the BUILD conference to the Windows 10 S announcement. Spoiler: RAD Studio was mentioned at the BUILD conference! -- Read blog post.

Delphi Linux Blogs of the (Week) Month #52

It has been almost two moth from my last collection of blog posts, so I'm doubling with a Delphi Linux version (today) and a regular one (coming). -- Read blog post.

Webinar Tomorrow: Understanding Automatic Reference Counting

Tomorrow I'll give a webinar on ARC memory management in Delphi -- Read blog post.