Given I haven't made one of these monthly posts in some time, I have a rather large collection of relevant blogs psots and links, and so I decided to split the blog post in two. This is focused in full on Delphi Linux, a following one will be general in scope.

Blog Posts

Creating a Linux Daemon (service) in Delphi by Craig Chapman:

Daemonizing a WebBroker Application on Linux by Craig Chapman:

Calling Linux Commands from Delphi by Craig Chapman :

Easy install SQL Server driver in Ubuntu by Luis Navarro:

Importing third-party Linux libraries on Delphi 10.2 Tokyo by Allen Drennan:

Try Delphi on Amazon Linux by Haruyuki Mohri:

Running Delphi Applications on Linux with Docker by Juan Antonio Ruzafa:

How to make Linux platform available in existent console applications:

Third Party Tools

Getting Started with FmxLinux:

Few more features on FM for Linux:

All for Now

This is all for now... hoping to get back to a more consistent schedule.