Thursday May 4th (that is, in 2 days) I'll give a webinar on Razor Scripting with Delphi WebBroker, introducing the open source library I wrote (with help of a few others). The same day is also Star Wars Day.

I already wrote a bit about the project in a recent blog post (

In this webinar I'll cover the foundations of the Delphi Razor scripting language, see how it can be used as a drop-in replacement of PageProducer, see how it can handle complex dynamic website, and showcase a couple of real world examples based on Bootstrap. I'll show demos running on Windows and Linux servers.

Register now for this webinar that is coming on Thursday, May 4, 2017 on The weboanr will be given at 3 time zones, 8:00 AM CDT (3PM Europe) - 1:00 PM CDT (8PM Europe) - 8:00 PM CDT (morning of the 5th in APAC region).