Last week I was in Australia for the ADUG Symposium, invited by the ADUG committee. For more information about this user groups, which is one of the largest and best organized in the Delphi community, refer to

The event was nice and well organized, I ended up talking over 3 hours each day, but it was great, and we had a lot of interactions around the status of Delphi and its roadmap. The focus of my sessions was Windows 10 and the Delphi language, plus some product status. Overall there wer about 100 Delphi developers among the two events, which was very nice.

Over the week I spent time in Sydney (to visit a customer and at Code Partners office, the local Embarcadero partner), in Brisbane (another customer and the first conference), and in Melbourne (for the second conference and a meeting with the user group committee). The final weekend I had some free time in Melbourne, I used to see around and meet a couple of friends I had not seen for a long time!

Pictures and Pictures

Here are some pictures taken in the various cities I visited, more or less in chronological order. First is the view from the office of a customer I visited:

Yes, you can see the Opera House in the back. But later in the day I has some time and went there:

Following day, we got to Brisbane, where we had the first conference:

Same day we flew to Melbourne, for the next day (larger) event -- Malcolm is speaking here:

Next day I was invited to a meeting of the user group committee, to offer suggestions for events, topics, and have some chat (and some good food offered by one of the members at this house):

The same day, we got back to the city of Melbourne and over Eureka tower (the tallest tower in the Southern atmosphere). This was the view of the downtown area from the tower:

The last day I still had some fre time and ended up looking for penguins out "in the wild"... and I found some near the city, in a small protected area. It was dark, so not great pictures:

That's all. It was a nice trip... looking forward for more Delphi developers to visit around the world!