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August, 2016

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RAD Studio, Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Centennial

Windows 10 Anniversary Update shipped yesterday. Among the many new features there is one of particular interest to Delphi and C++Builder developers: the Windows Desktop Bridge, also known as Project Centennial. -- Read blog post.

The August 2016 Delphi (and RAD Studio) Roadmap

Embarcadero has published yesterday a new roadmap for Delphi, C++Builder, and RAD Studio, with the current plans for the next 18 months. -- Read blog post.

A Free Delphi with Free Training

Embarcadero is organizing a Delphi Boot Camp to introduce Delphi to new developers, and giving away the Starter Edition for free alongside, so that anyone can get the basic version of the software and start using it right away. But you need to act now! -- Read blog post.

Linux Just Turned 25 and Delphi is Coming to Celebrate

The Linux operating system just turned 25 years old. What a better occasion to show a couple of images of the coming Linux support for Delphi? -- Read blog post.