The Linux operating system just turned 25 years old on August 25th. What a better occasion to show a couple of images of the coming Linux support for Delphi? The project code name is Godzilla. 

Here is a snapshot of the coming "Godzilla" IDE with the Linux target platform selected (and a specific distribution configured):

If you run PAServer on the Linux machine, as I did in the virtual machine on the right of the image below, just clicking the Run button or pressing F9 will compile and run the application on the target Linux machine, like it happens for mobile (well, no, actually quite a bit faster):

That's all for this preview. If you haven't already done so, upgrade to Delphi 10.1 Berlin now, with update subscription, to be among the first to try the Linux compiler when the beta version will be made available.

PS: As you can see from the demo code and the output, the Linux compiler is a 64-bit compiler.