On the week from September 5 to 9th, Embarcadero is organizing a Delphi training course, 2 hours each day, with lessons given by some of the product experts (myself included, I'll cover the Delphi programming language). This is not meant for existing developers, but for new developers approaching the language -- or people who haven't used it in a while. Bootcamp information at at http://embt.co/2016delphicamp

So the invite is not mostly for the readers of this blog, but all of their friends interested in programming, so that they can see what Delphi is and start playing with it for free. In fact, as part of the deal there is a unique and time limited offer to order a copy of Delphi Starter (limited to Windows 32 bit and with a license for non business users, but fairly powerful) with a 100% discount, as you can see at https://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi/starter/promotional-download. Again, this offer will be available only for 2 weeks, so tell your friends now.

Last but not least, as a registered user of the free Delphi Starter you'll be able to download the PDF of my Object Pascal Handbook, covering the Delphi language in details.

So in other words anyone interested in programming and in Delphi can get software, training, and a book -- all that's needed to get started with the product. That's a pretty amazing offer, and something that has not been done in the past. Delphi is an incredibly powerful tool, mostly hidden from view. This is a big chance to get it spread out a bit more.