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August, 2011

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RAD Studio XE2 Tour and Information

Embarcadero is advertising a "RAD Studio XE2 World Tour" clearly leading to the new product announcement. Not much information is available for now. -- Read blog post.

FireMonkey Logo and Info (by Andreano)

Andreano Lanusse has posted on his blog some initial info about FireMonkey and what looks like the library logo. -- Read blog post.

FireMonkey for iOS (from Auckland presentation)

The first presentation of the RAD Studio XE2 World Tour shows Delphi's FireMonkey can be used for building iOS applications. -- Read blog post.

FireMonkey First Video (By Andreano)

Andreano Lanusse of Embarcadero has released an initial video of a Delphi FireMonkey application running on Win32, Mac OSX, and iOS (emulator). -- Read blog post.

Tweets and Retweets #23

In slow mode (it's August and I'm not well connected here on the hills), mostly on XE2 and FireMonkey -- Read blog post.

30 Years of PCs

Today is the 30th anniversary of the IBM PC. And this is probably the first year a PC with a MS operating systems is not for given any more. -- Read blog post.

FireMonkey Video Beta Blog

Three simple FireMonkey demos in a short video. Part of the Delphi XE2 beta blogging, with permissions from Embarcadero. -- Read blog post.