Andreano Lanusse of Embarcadero has released an initial video of a Delphi FireMonkey application running on Win32, Mac OSX, and iOS (emulator). The blog post is here. The video (in the updated version)is below:

This was also blogged by Tim Anderson. What is really interesting (and by now the best source of information) comes from the comments of a previous post by Andreano. Here are some key posts by Embarcadero executives:

  • David I on StylesWe will ship with several style files you can choose including Windows and Macintosh style. And you can create, share, sell custom styles too.

  • David I on RenderingIf you use HD forms and components on Windows – we use Direct2D; if you use 3D forms and components on Windows – we use Direct3D; On Macintosh HD and 3D – we use OpenGL

  • David I on Mac Debugging: You install a small Platform Assistant on the Macintosh. Then when you hit run or run with debug – the executable is sent to the Mac (or you can copy it) and debugging starts.

  • Michael Swindell on Mac Styles and CocoaFireMonkey client area controls are rendered by OpenGL on Mac, but appear and work just like Cocoa controls – or however you want them to. There are many different Cocoa UI styles in OSX apps, and Firemonkey can render any of them – including iTunes, or Prokit which is an Apple UI style for Pro apps like Final Cut, not available to devs via Cocoa.

  • Michael Swindell on Future PlatformsWe do plan Linux and Android. But no eta yet until we get Win/OSX/iOS out. We would also like to provide language bindings for other languages.

There is much more, but thse are the most relevant comments I've noticed. (Trying to claim I knew nothing, you know.)