According to reports, the first presentation of the RAD Studio XE2 World Tour shows Delphi's FireMonkey can be used for building iOS applications.

Sean blogs "I attended the Rad Studio World Tour today in Auckland. Delphi XE2 has some nice features (x64, OSXFireMonkey) but the standout for me was the iOS support." He goes on explaining the development process of a Delphi iOS application. The comment is "Awesome".

On a private post on Google+, Jolyon Smith shares the same feeling " DELPHI XE2 supports iOS, using FireMonkey - the new cross platform GUI framework (Win32, Win64, OSX and iOS). " and goes on some more, but since that's not a public post I'd refrain from #34ing more.

This is quite a significant news for Delphi... and FireMonkey.

Update: Full and Detailed Blog Post by Jolyon

Jolyon has now written a very long and detailed blog post, with the first public description of FireMonkey and other Delphi XE2 technologies. But the FireMonkey part has lots of details and it is certainly worth reading with same care. Thanks for sharing.