Just a very short post as a reminder that today is the 30th anniversary of the IBM PC. I've never used the original (had a ZX Spectrum back than) but bought a fantastic Olivetti M24 soon afterwards. That was my first PC. There is a nice article with the story at www.reghardware.com/2011/08/12/ibm_pc_30_anniversary/ (from which I've shamelessly taken the image below). There are of course hundreds of articles on the topics published today, but I though it was still worth adding a link.

While this has been a very significant milestone, 2011 is probably also the first year a PC with a MS operating systems is not for given any more. There are more Android system being sold than traditional PCs. The world is changing more rapidly I could envision a few years back, with IBM long gone from the PC business and Microsoft not shining. It's Apple and Google these days, and it is interesting to notice that while Google is the new kid to the block, Apple was there before the PC and with the fact its Apple II was used by business companies was likely a key factor behind IBM original decision. But, of course, Apple is much more than a PC company these days.