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February, 2011

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Delphi Relax: Architecture and Strategy

Delphi Relax is an extension of Delphi XE DataSnap REST Application architecture, with a particular focus on supporting jQuery for the browser user interface. -- Read blog post.

Tweets and Retweets #2

Another week of tweets and retweets, highlighted in a single blog post. Including a short sequence on the problems with Flash on Android. -- Read blog post.

Embarcadero, KSDev, and Next Generation Frameworks

Embarcadero buys KSdev to work on "next generation frameworks". Quite interesting, I have to say. -- Read blog post.

UnbeliEvable MeMory FailurEs

Over the last few days I program I was working on has been showing very inconsistent and almost nonsense errors. But finding the cause was very hard, and things really took an unexpected turn. -- Read blog post.

Tweets and Retweets #3

Another weekly round of tweets covering phone OSes, the coming Delphi Developer Days event, a free Delphi event in Italy, and more. -- Read blog post.

16 Years Ago in San Francisco

16 Years ago today, Delphi was officially launched in San Francisco, California, not far from its actual birthplace! -- Read blog post.

Razor-Like Script in Delphi Relax

This post to introduce the Razor-like support, part of the Delphi Relax project, and available online (source and documentation). -- Read blog post.

Tweets and Retweets #4

Another more or less weekly collection of Twitter posts of myself and of interesting posts I retweeted. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Relax Data Access Layer

One of the core elements of the Delphi REST extension project I'm working on (Relax) is its data access architecture, based on a few standard patterns. -- Read blog post.

jqGrid in Relax

I've posted another unit of Delphi Relax, with jqGrid support, added a specific demo and updated the documentation. -- Read blog post.

Relax Newsgroup and New Units

I've opened a newsgroup for the Delphi Relax project, as communicating over blog comments or code review is not enough. Also, I've posted a few updates and many new units, mostly undocumented. -- Read blog post.

Tweets and Retweets #5

Another week of Twitter, may take this to a twice-a-week schedule, as twitter search doesn't really go much backwards... -- Read blog post.