Another week of Twitter, may take this to a twice-a-week schedule, as twitter search doesn't really go much backwards...

There are a few tweets related with Delphi Developer Days, as the US discount is going to expire soon, while there is still some time for Europe.

I was almost shocked by the web site on the Metric System (linked below). I fully understand people want to keep their traditional measurements and agree it makes sense, but the metric system is not the source of all evil, is not sexist... and yes converting meters to kilometers is a tad easier than converting yards to miles... and you know, at times you need to convert!

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RT @kylix_rd: Ok folks. Plz, stop intermixing THandle, DWORD, LongWord, Integer, HWND, etc... Enabling compiler int<->ptr type cast warnings. Begin chaos!
RT @andreanolanusse: New blog post: Get the New Delphi XE Wallpaper
RT @ebob42: March 2 webinar on Multi-Tier Application Development with DataSnap in RAD Studio XE, @
RT @john_lam: TIL there are crazies that argue about the inferiority of the metric system: Lots of gems in this one.
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Example image of jqGrid support in the Delphi Relax architecture ( < 10 lines of specific code. Will blog tomorrow
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