Another weekly round of tweets covering phone OSes, the coming Delphi Developer Days event, a free Delphi event in Italy, and more.

RT @caryjensen: Thank you, Gnostice, for being a Gold Sponsor of Delphi Developer Days 2011
RT @tpau17: @omonien a baby from two turkeys will not be an eagle automatically :-)
RT @andreanolanusse: Project Cooper is a Delphi/Object Pascal compiler for Java #Delphi
RT @timanderson: New post: Nokia adopts Windows Phone 7: game on
RT @esbglenn: Once again, we are very happy to be sponsoring the Delphi Developer Days - - I highly recommend both Marco and Cary!
Nice European idea, "One Charger for All" your phones (and other devices) at
Just uploaded a new profile picture here, on Facebook, and on Skype. Was taken by my daughter Benedetta in Paris last year.
#Italian #Delphi Events: Just announced Delphi "Porte Aperte" and Components@Wintech March 9+10 in Bergamo+Bologna:
RT @embarcaderotech: Special offer on Delphi XE and RAD Studio XE Enterprise Upgrades: If you've heard about and seen all the great n...
Delphi Developer Days 2011 on Embarcadero Developer Network at (thanks!)
RT @embarcaderotech: Join Delphi experts Cary Jensen & Marco Cantù at Delphi Developer Days 2011: Embarcadero will be presenting a k...