Below is the topic of the keynote from Philippe Kahn that preceeded the product announce, taken from the brochure of the SD '95 West conference that hosted the event. It doesn't sound really Delphi related, if I remember it was actually changed at the last minute, but maybe others have a better memory! After the keynote there was the actual Delphi product launch (see the bottom of the second image).

You had to attend the launch event to get food and bus tickets for a great party party at the Exploratorium (a very nice place in itself). I've kept the entire brochure images below to highlight what was "current technology" whan Delphi was launched. Delphi has survived these 16 years much better than any other tool of the time and has still a lot of growth ahead.

For more images and information visit to my 10 years of Delphi web page or to the collection of launch materials on the developer network site.