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February, 2010

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Delphi Developer Days 2010: Cities and Program

Today Delphi Developer Days 2010 has officially announced the locations and dates of the five stops US/Europe tour featuring Cary Jensen and myself, along with the sessions program. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2010 Handbook Part 2 PDF Available

Part 2 of my Delphi 2010 handbook is available in PDF format. Complete book is now very close. -- Read blog post.

Delphi REST White Paper in Japanese

My white paper on REST in Delphi 2010 is now a available in a fourth language. -- Read blog post.

Haiti Relief Borland Memorabilia Auction

Anders Ohlsson and others former Borland employees (now at Embarcadero) have set up a very successful eBay action of old Borland memorabilia which is still ongoing. Place your bid for an item of the computer industry. -- Read blog post.

Vancouver Olympic Rings... Powered by Delphi

As the 2010 Winter Olympics start, it is nice to know that the application controlling the thousands of LEDs of the Vancouver Olympic Rings was written in Delphi. -- Read blog post.

15 Years of Delphi

Delphi is 15 years old today. Here are some pictures from that day. -- Read blog post.

Experiments with Videos of Delphi 2010 Book Examples

Here is a first tentative video for showcasing the book examples. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2010 Handbook Released

Yesterday I've officially released my last book, Delphi 2010 Handbook. It is available in PDF format today, should be out in print by next week. -- Read blog post.

My Webinar on REST Web Services on March 3rd

Embarcadero technology is hosting a webinar in which I'll discuss consuming and creating REST Web Services in Delphi 2010, following the steps of my white paper on the same topic. -- Read blog post.

Google vs. Italy Huge Misinformation

After reading articles and seeing on CNN journalists spreading a lot of misinformation about the recent Google vs. Italy case, I decided to write about it. -- Read blog post.