Here is a first tentative video for showcasing the Delphi 2010 Handbook examples. Some of them, in fact, are hard to explain using a screen shoot, so I'm capturing very short demo videos. I got Jing from Techsmith (not terribly happy, but does its work).

I actually promised the same for the last book, but never delivered. For this book I'm trying to reserve some time... and also to make the process very easy (hence the idea of using the capture-and-load-on-YouTube feature of Jing). Here is a first example (well, I did capture another but when YouTube resizes the video it blurs the text... so I'll remove the other one).

Let me know if those of you who have the book find it useful. Without the book, it doesn't provide much value. 

Speaking of the book, I have a tentative final version. Still need to replace a couple of images and double check the PDF, but the book is now days from completion. And I've got an ISBN!