Part 2 of my Delphi 2010 handbook is available in PDF format. You can buy it online on FastSpring at the address As for part 1, it is about 100 pages and costs 9.80 dollars (about 7 Euros). If you bought part 1, I'll send you out a specific discount for buying part 2. For the table of contents of parts 1 and 2 see the book site at:

The third part of book will become available soon, along with the complete book in PDF and in print.

Before you buy the current PDF, consider that it is possible that Embarcadero will buy the licence of the ebook for registered user of Delphi 2010. This is a deal that is being discussed, might happen or not, and don't know the actual timing. Just wanted to let you know, so that if you buy one of the book parts today (less than 10 dollars each, so that's not a big deal), you might receive the same material for free later on.

PS. I know this sounds like killing my own business, but I want to be fair with my readers... and, still, if you want the book now, you have no alternative! In any case, my focus will be convincing you to buy the printed version!