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August, 2006

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Info on Delphi Live Templates

The Delphi Wiki site has a couple of interesting articles on Live Templates, certainly worth reading if you use Delphi 2006 and want to customize how the editor works. -- Read blog post.

Torry Web Site

Torry's site has been for years one of the best sites where to find Delphi components... and recently the flow of new material to the site has resumed. Good sign. -- Read blog post.

10,000 Spam Messages

Another non-Delphi post for a new record in my GMail inbox. -- Read blog post.

DevCo Launches Turbo Delphi

The news has been in the air for months. Now it is public. There will be a free Delphi. There will be lower-cost professional edition. Here come the Turbos... hoping DevCo returns to its original Borland roots, year 1985. -- Read blog post.

IDE Study (by Evans Data)

All of the comments on a recent Evans Corp study referred to articles cover Microsoft vs. IBM, but Delphi is a very close "neglected" third. -- Read blog post.

For Training, Get Marco Cantu (by Ed Salgado)

A little self-indulging, but a newsgroup post praising my training session last week was hard to miss and not to comment. -- Read blog post.

DavidI Talks about Sun Marketing and the Fun of Programming

I found an interesting audio interview of DavidI covering Sun anti-Borland marketing and the fun of programming, plus the refocusing of DevCo on programmers and would-be programmers. -- Read blog post.

Turbo Videos

A number of interesting videos have appeared on the DevCo Turbos web site, I guess more will be coming. -- Read blog post.

Voting DevCo Conference Talks

You can vote for talks for the next DevCo Conference, although it seems few people have done that. -- Read blog post.

JavaScript Libraries

I've been looking around for good JavaScript/AJAX libraries... and here are some interesting links. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Oktoberfest Video

Possibly the best Delphi video ever, now online. -- Read blog post.

More Old Videos (with Zack and David I)

I've found another couple of old Turbo Pascal and Turbo C++ videos on YouTube. -- Read blog post.

From Berlin to Versilia

Just a short note to tell you I'm in between two short vacations... -- Read blog post.

BorCon/DevCon 2006 moved to 2007

The DevCo / Borland Conference has been officially delayed to next year. -- Read blog post.