I don't really like to blog about people talking about myself, but (as I blogged recently) last week I was in Alabama to teach a Delphi 2006 class, covering migration from Delphi 5 (ouch!), advanced Delphi techniques, XML and Web Services, and Delphi for .NET and the .NET architecture. Most of the audience well fluent in Delphi, and the class was very nice. I guess they were positively impressed, as (without me asking anything like that) they decided to publicly praise my the training session in the non-tech newsgroup (see here or here or read below):

From: Eduardo A. Salgado
Date [Aug 7, 16:27]
If you are looking for training on all facets of Delphi 2006, get Marco Cantu

Last week OneDomain brought Marco Cantu, the author of the Mastering Delphi series, from his native Italy to give a 4 day, high intensity training on the latest programming techniques and Delphi 2006. All we can say is WOW!! The quality and breadth of the information was truly astounding. There will be a tangible benefit for our clients from this training.

Ed is a long time Delphi developer (remember EdSpell and his other early components) and his company, OneDomain, has released a superb Delphi application that is taking its specific market by storm. As I don't really understand the TV data behind, I can say I was impressed by its clean and functional user interface, based on a context-sentitive, multi-level toolbar. You rarely see such a nice program... good to know it is written in Delphi!