David I posted some time ago about a study on IDEs by Evans Data (you have to pay for the study, which I did not... sorry, I'm using indirect sources). David I mentions Delphi wins in several categories, including the compiler/interpreter category where is has a clear lead, with 20 points over Visual Studio. On the EvansData web site, you can see that Delphi falls behind in Quality and Size of the Developer Community (I'd agree with size, not with quality!), loosing 70 points to VS.

Now what triggered my attention and this post, is that today a blog on InformationWeek states that Rational App Developer had 1,386 point, Visual Studio.Net is closing the gap with 1,310 point.... while Delphi was third with 1,302. Now, if this is true, Delphi was only 8 point (that is a mere 0,4%) behind, with 70 points lost for the community! Still, most other press sources kept saying this is a battle between two, IBm and MSFT!

At times, magazine twist data a little too much for me... maybe DevCo should buy more adspace to have a fair coverage? Very sad!