Waiting for the real meat (the free downlaod of the Turbo Explorer version of Delphi) the new site wwww.turboexplorer.com is growing with the addition of several videos... some of which have actually been posted on YouTube. After Part I of the Adventures of Turboman, you can now see the Developer Tool Time contest and Software Temple of Doom. This video, featuring "Indiana" Paul Gross and David I, was the launch of a Borland Conference. The final scene, with the jeep driving  though the screen where the video was projected and landing on the stage, is real. Accoding to Paul (this is what he and David I told at the time), he had to brake and stop the jeep without seeing where the stage ended... and was quite lucky!

A further video, which I proudly own on tape, is the World of Objects, starring Philippe Kahn. This is certainly a very nice and gentle introduction to OOP, with lots of jazz music and some nice luminaries interviews. 15 years ago things where really different in computers!

Finally, Nick Hodges has started his Thirty Camtasia Demos in Thirty Days, but I've had troubles to see the first demo so far (I can hear the sound OK). A very nice idea, though.