As I did in 2006, 2007, and 2008 this is a list of cities I've been to in 2009, for either work or vacation. The rule is: Places I've visited in 2009 for at least one night, in chronological order.

  • Piacenza, Italy (where I live)
  • Merano, South Tirol / Alto Adige, Italy (Delphi training)
  • Rome, Italy (Delphi event and .NET conference)
  • Washington D.C., USA
  • Baltimore, Maryland, USA (Delphi event)
  • Chicago, Illinois, USA (Delphi event)
  • Orbetello area, Tuscany, Italy
  • San Jose, California, USA (Delphi conference)
  • Hamburg, Germany (Delphi conference)
  • Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy (Delphi training, twice)
  • Albarella, near Venice, Italy
  • London, UK (Delphi event)
  • Southern Adriatic Coast and Majella National Park, Italy (several locations on multiple days by camping car)
  • Gropparello, Piacenza, Italy
  • Darmstadt, Germany (Delphi conference)
  • Papendal, Netherlands (Delphi conference)
  • Verona, Italy (Delphi conference)

That's all for the year. Again, this doesn't include daily trips (mostly for work) to cities near my place, like Parma, Milano, Bologna, Bergamo, and Padua. Seems 2010 will be equally busy, with more events organized by myself with Cary Jensen in the USA and Europe, and possibly fewer public conferences. We'll see how things shape up.

And let me wish all of you and your dearest a great 2010.