This blog post is to announce (partial) dates and locations for the Delphi Developer Days event 2010. This is the second edition of a tour of 2-day training sessions focused on Delphi (mostly Delphi Win32) that will take place next May in the United States and Europe. The event is co-organized by Cary Jensen's company and my company, with tremendous help from Loy Anderson (Cary's wife).

Like last year, the event will be packed full of information, we will provide a printed course-book with details of all sessions (it was 500+ pages last year), and offer an interactive environment, with a total of 35 seats for each location. As last year, this is a training class setting, even if with the advantage of two speakers giving some parallel sessions and some joint sessions / discussions (in which you benefit of listening to two different point of views on the same topic). The content is still not finalized, but we'll cover more Delphi Win32 (compared to .NET), and balance foundations and brand new Delphi 2010 topics.

Compared to last year, we are adding one stop in the US and one in Europe. In the US we are going to be in the Washington D.C. area (Baltimore), in Chicago, and in the Los Angeles area (Orange County). This last one is the new stop. Dates for the US tour are May 11th to18th. We'll have one of the classes overlapping the weekend, for people who cannot miss two days of regular work.

In Europe we are going to be in London, again, and are adding a stop in Germany. We are currently researching a venue either in Frankfurt (which looks better connected) or in Munich (closer to where I live, so I might even drive there). Likely dates are in the last week of May, first of June.

Why are we starting the promotion so much in advance? Well, there are some who might need to plan their 2010 training budget quite soon, so we want to give them an option to keep room (in terms of money and time) for this unique event. Second, in case you have some left-over 2009 training budget to spend, we'll be more than happy to get a very early payment in exchange for a large discount (25%).

All current and future details can be found at the event site, . Information is still incomplete and will be improved over time, including the details of the sessions we are going to teach. Feedback is welcome. Needless to say I'll blog again about this event.