Almost another month has gone by, with the release of Delphi XE8 (and RAD Studio XE8) last week. Here is another round of links.

XE8 Release

I've already blogged about the announcement, don't want to repeat those links, just go to Or you can read Nick's summary at

This one I missed in my post: Bugs fixed in XE8 at

Press Releases and Articles

InfoWorld article: "Embarcadero moves RAD Studio beyond Windows" at

The Register (Time Anderson) on "Embarcadero’s cross-platform XE8 RAD Studio targets iOS 8, IoT" at

Even if not strictly related with XE8, this is a press release from our Japan office, done along with a large (or I should say very large?) company moving back to RAD Studio after using Visual Studio for some time: Great business reasoning on why RAD Studio helps them deliver software to their customers.

I wrote a rather general (not XE8 specific) article, or guest blog post, on the alternative approaches for "Enterprise Mobile Development" for the AppsWorld blog at I'll be at their conference in Berlin next week.

XE8 Technical Blog Posts

Stephen Ball on "What to do with Beacons before you code" at

Sarina has an actual proximity awareness app build step by step at

I blogged about new VCL features and TFields optimizations at

Malcolm explains how to revert back the toolbar color (, but not sure why you need that.

Yaroslav (who works for the RAD Studio R&D Team) has two fantastic blog posts on FireMonkey internal "control control-model" implementation at and Worth reading with care, even more if you are interested in FireMonkey components development.

Roman explains some of the work on TurboPack components and GetIt at

InterBase ChangeViews support in XE8 is covered by Stephen at

And an XE7 HotFix

For iOS deployment, we have also the hotfix for XE7, "iOS 8.1.3/8.2 Deployment Beta Hotfix for XE7". Actually two. One is for professional ( and one for Enterprise and above (

As part of the new update subscription plan, we don't expect this to be the last fix for XE7, even after Xe8 is released. But following fixes will be made available only to developers on the Update Subscription.

And A Book

I know really nothing about this book, but nice to see another one on FireMonkey for Windows and OS X in Kindle format at I'll probably get a copy and read it, and let you know.