On February 14th, 1995, Borland showed Delphi publicly for the first time. As you might have heard (also it you joined yesterday's Embarcadero celebratory webinar) I was there.

Now, 29 years later, I'm still fairly busy using Delphi, along with tens of thousands of developers around the world, using recent or old versions of the product. Despite all odd and predictions, Delphi is still active, fully maintained, targets the latest operating systems on desktop, server and mobile. By comparison, very few of the dev tools of the 90ies are still around.

Moreover, the "RAD -> ROI" idea still applies, as Delphi can really amke you productive, even more in a multi-platform scenario

If you are looking for old pictures, refer to past blog posts like:

That's all for now. We sure need to make a big celebration next year!