It's Delphi Birthday today, given it was introduced on February 14th 1995. See some pictures from that day on

The Invite to The Launch

Back to the Future

And the product is alive and kicking. Since the last birthday, Delphi was made available for two growing platforms, iOS and Android, so you can now write Delphi applications for well over 95% of the computers and mobile devices out there. 

Not only Delphi now supports new platforms, but the Object Pascal language has tremendous features added over the recent years that you are badly missing if it you are still developing with an old version of the product. Now is a great time to migrate your VCL applications, taking advantage of all the new features, and bring your expertise to the mobile world with our single source, multi-device solution leveraging native compilers for all of the platforms we support, including the mobile ones.

As Delphi was a unique product when it was launched, it is a unique product today in the multi-device world we live in. For more information, jump to

How the World Looked Back Then

How the Delphi World Looks Today