To celebrate another year of success for Delphi. I dug a bit in my archive. Here are a few old images, mostly ads from Borland, before and after the product release. You can find a higher resolution version of these images at Here are smaller versions, with some comments.

It is interesting to notice how the original business value (increased productivity for developers) is still true today with a totally changed landscape, mobile, and all. We could re-use some of the original ads, as they make sense today. The other things I noticed is that most of the other tools that were popular back than, have long been forgotten. Delphi, on the other hand, is still popular.

The Original Product Box

The Trio of the Thickest Delphi 1 Books

Mine, Charlie's and Pacheco/Teixeira where the 3 classic books covering Delphi in all of its angles, and became classic books, all with many editions for following versions. I guess I have them all...

Before Delphi, Was Turbo Pascal

Before Delphi came along, the language, its earlier (and different) OOP model and Windows integration were already there. But Delphi had a new object model in the language, the concept of components, and a new library, including strong database access, and it was a breaking change from previous Turbo Pascal products.

And Borland had a magazine, here you can see the editor:

Here Comes Delphi

Delphi RAD to ROI. We should use this more today!
Visual Basic done Right... The RADical performance... ready for Windows 95. Development got easier (with the family of Borland tools). Even if the product was a bit simpler (with the product matrix fitting a single page) it was powerful.

And magazines focused to it, for which I occasionally wrote articles.

Delphi Prizes

And Delphi won many prices, celebrated when Delphi 2 shipped. See the Jolt Award announcement ("Borland is back") and description:

Delphi 2 and Delphi 3

The easy of VB with the power of C++. On Time and on Budget. Power and performance. And some reviews.


Delphi and a Duck: an anticipation of things to come...

More "Recent" Versions

Delphi 4 (pushing rocks?), Delphi 5 and the Net (meaning Internet... but kind of cryptic), Delphi 6, Kylix (Linux we are coming back real soon!), Delphi 7, Delphi 8 and .NET (ugh!). And a big push towards modeling!

Delphi BirthDay Page

I still and always have Delphi 1 launch information at a page of my regular web site, But enough of history, I'll start blogging on the Delphi language coming back to Linux tomorrow!