Delphi 1 was introduced on February 14th 1995, 27 years ago next Monday. You can read the recent Delphi Time Warp and Building the Future Embarcadero blog posts, delve into Delphi's history at or my own very old Delphi 10th anniversary page or more recent blog posts from 2007, 20102014, 2017 (which was so popular to break my site), 20182019 (with lots of Delphi 1 images), 20202021 (comparing now and 1995) among others.

On Monday, we'll host a webinar at 10 AM CST, which is 5 PM in Central European Time. I'll be there along with a few others to celebrate these 27 years but also cover where the product is today and what the future holds, touching on a few relevant technology trends. Hope you'll join the webinar and help us celebrate and discuss what the future holds.

You can sign up for the webinar here. Happy birthday, Delphi!