Help Update 1 for Delphi XE3

Embarcadero has just released an update of the Delphi help files.

David I's 31 Videos in October

David I made it: In the past month he delivered a RAD Studio XE3 video each day, for a total of 31. Check them out.

Joining Embarcadero as Delphi Product Manager

If you follow my twitter account or have attended the product address of CodeRage, you now that I've just made a big career change, joining Embarcadero Technologies.

CodeRage 7 and My Sessions

Lest week, while I was in Scotts Valley, I was directly involved in four CodeRage 7 sessions, plus followed many others.

Delphi in Action Webinar on DataSnap

Next week, on the 28th, I'll give a "Delphi in Action" webinar on DataSnap, focused on deployment and practical tips.

DataSnap, Deployment, Performance, and More

My DataSnap webinar is running right now, but this blog post was prompted also by a performance post last week. Here are some comments and tips.

Conferences: SDE+, Next Monday

Last conference of the year, next Monday in the Netherlands. SDE+ by the Software Development Network. 8 Delphi sessions in a very dense single-day event.

DataSnap Webinar Material and BE-Delphi Code and Slides

Here are some tidbits I promised in terms of source code and slides for recent sessions. And the link to the DataSnap webinar white paper. More to come.