Last conference of the year (and second as Delphi Product Manager), next Monday in the Netherlands, in Papendal. The conference is not a full 2-days SDN conference, but an extended one day event (SDE), hence the plus. Information (in Dutch) at

Despite the fact is is a single day, there are 8 Delphi sessions planned from 10:00 am to 9:30 pm! A very dense single-day event, I'd say. I'll be giving two sessions about "Delphi REST and Cloud clients" and "FireMonkey Styles". Brian Long and Cary Jensen are also giving session in English, while Bob Swart and Danny Wind will talk in Dutch. Topics are quite assorted and not specifically tied to new versions, there will be a lot to learn given the speaker's expertise.

Of course, I'll be there for chatting about anything with all attendees, might even drop in to other non-Delphi session (as topics include Windows 8, Windows Phone, Azure, Web development, and much more -- well quite Microsoft focused, though).

PS. Still haven't posted slides, demos, and picture from Be-Delphi, it has been quite a hectic week with the webinar yesterday on top of regular work.