Lest week, while I was in Scotts Valley, I was directly involved in four CodeRage 7 sessions, plus followed many others. It was quite different to be able to go to the "studio" room with David I or Anders, rather than hooking up online as in the past. But of course, it was even more of a new experience to speak at an Embarcadero employee, rather than as an independent speaker.

I did follow a few sessions, found great quality as usual, and saw that the number of attendees was significant (they had to reboot the system a couple of time, which happens when over 1,000 unique attendees connect to the system during the day). Due to a very busy week, I couldn't follow as many as I wished, but will use the replays for those.

My own sessions started with me joining JT during the product address during the first day (Tuesday) for the official announcement of my new role as Product Manager. Not that I had much to do, beside answering a few questions. My first real session was on Wednesday, covering FireMonkey styles and the related changes in FM2, followed by a session on Windows 8, the Metropolis UI and the LiveTile component.  Both sessions were well attended and saw a very large number of questions (about half an hour). The last session (on Thursday) was on DataSnap REST, JavaScript and jQuery development, and had a smaller crowd and fewer questions.

Finally, here are the links to slides and demos of my sessions (for the Windows 8 session the only real demo is the Live Tile one):

Hope this is a useful integration to the online sessions or their recordings, which will soon become available online.