Next week, on the 28th, I'll give a "Delphi in Action" webinar on DataSnap, titled: "Development and Deployment of Delphi Multi-tier Applications". Given there are 3 different time slots, you should be able to attend from any time zone. The sign up form is here:

Rather than an introduction to DataSnap development and the available features, the focus will be more on the architecture, covering

  • how to build application services using Delphi DataSnap
  • how to integrate DataSnap services with web servers
  • how to host DataSnap services in the cloud
  • how to make services scalable and robust
  • how to access them from different types of clients and create service-based Delphi clients in general

The set of topics is worth a couple of days of training, so I'll certainly have to cut on some details, with the key focus on the central part (integration, deployment, hosting, and scalability). If you have interested in DataSnap, this will be a good opportunity to attend. And I'll be online to answer your DataSnap questions... in my new role of Product Manager.

PS: A reminder for those in Belgium or nearby, on Thursday I'll be at BE-Delphi , speaking about Delphi and Windows 8, getting ready for mobile, and also helping with the product address... and answering questions.