On Books Publishing, Part 1

Some initial comments on a few posts about book publishing, a thread started by Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror.

Goodbye Borland, Welcome Embarcadero

CodeGear, Borland's division specialized in development tools like Delphi and JBuilder, is being acquired by Embarcadero technology.

Delphi Jumps Ship: Welcome Embarcadero

Delphi has a new owner, along with all other CodeGear products... here are some facts, links, and thoughts.

Buy Delphi, Get the PDF of My Book

From now to mid June, if you buy Delphi 2007 you'll get the PDF of my book for free.

On Books Publishing, Part 2

Some more thoughts on publishing and self-publishing books in a relative small technical market.

Embarcadero and CodeGear, Both Back to Basics

Both companies (well, Borland and Embarcadero) have suffered trying to get into high-end ALM segment, losing (or risking to lose) a broad loyal following...

June: Italian Delphi Day, German Delphi Tage

Two Delphi events are coming up in Europe in June, the Delphi Day in Italy (an event I organize) and the Delphi Tage in Germany (an event where I'll be speaking).

Microsoft Blames Users for Vista Problems

An article covering "Five Misunderstood Features in Windows Vista" claims that all Vista problems are only perceived by users and blames their judgment of the OS. You can get upset, or have a good laugh.

Vista File Copy Operations Can Be Slow

After posting a rant about Vista, I thought about a way to separate perceptions from facts. It took me 2 minutes to create a test program that demonstrates Vista can be very slow.

Californian Trip Pictures

Last months, during my trip to California, I took some pictures, but failed to upload them so far. Now they are on Picasa.

Delphi IDE DataBase Tools

Recent versions of the Delphi IDE brought us the Data Explorer, but so a few features of the early days are still unparalleled.

Vista and Developers

A couple of recent articles covering the relationship between Windows Vista and developers are worth reading... and commenting.

When Self in Nil... You Know You are in Trouble

Nothing psychological here... only a Delphi programming error I bump into from time to time.

Wayne Williams: I'm a developer (and like Delphi)

During last week CEOs Wayne Williams (Embarcadero Technologies CEO) began his presentation stating he is a developer. That's a great start for CodeGear and his remarks about Delphi are notable.

Delphi 7 is Now Compatible with Vista

Delphi 7 is now compatible with Vista, or Vista is now compatible with Delphi 7... anyway you look at it, I find this amusing.

David Clegg on Delphi 2007 and Compact Framework

David Clegg has written a very nice article on building Compact Framework applications with RAD Studio 2007.

Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7

The announcement of a high level of compatibility of Win32 applications with the next version of Windows comes at no surprise, at least to me.

Five Misunderstood... is Back Online

Microsoft document on misunderstood features of Vista is back online, with a few changes... but the substance remains.