May 29, 2008

Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7

The announcement of a high level of compatibility of Win32 applications with the next version of Windows comes at no surprise, at least to me.

I've kept hearing rumors (mostly in Italy, I have to say) about future versions of Windows not supporting Win32 applications any more. I easily dismissed those, as I cannot imagine Windows being unable to run Office, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Open Office, and about any other application out there. The limited incompatibilities of Win32 applications in Vista have damaged Microsoft and slowed down adoption of the new operating system enough to think of any other move in that direction, let alone scrap Win32 altogether. Still, I know there are people at Microsoft ready to scare Delphi developer with FUD to push them towards .NET.

I found this specific quote in a post by Tim Anderson:

The goal with Windows 7 is that it will run on the same hardware as Windows Vista and that the applications and devices that work with Windows Vista will also be compatible with Windows 7.

In another post on what's coming along in Windows, seen from the perspective of the PDC 2008 agenda, Tim mentions the push towards Live Mesh, but I noticed also an interesting "new native API for Web Services" and a "New Developer Services and APIs for the Windows Live Platform". I wonder if the latest is related with what Danny Thorpe is going to work on...



Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7 

There was a saying way back when Lotus 123 was the
market leader in spreadsheets, "DOS ain't done 'til
Lotus won't run". Microsoft had the power to issue a
version of DOS that deliberately pulled the rug from
under a competitor's product.

They could simply block access to Win32 to
non-Microsoft products. Technically possible. How this
will play out is another question.
Comment by delfi phan on May 29, 13:08

Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7 

Hello Marco,

Microsoft is working in a "only .net operating system"
only for I+D purposes.

It's possible that somebody thinks this is windows 7.


Comment by Francisco R on May 29, 13:11

Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7 

I thiwk that win32 and win64 will be on Windows 7 
because Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack has been 
extended VC++ 2008 MFC libraries.

Please review this link:
Comment by Jose Luis on May 29, 21:23

Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7 

Internet and Documents?
Comment by Anders [] on May 30, 11:33

Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7 

Hi Marco,
 I have having trouble with Delphi 2009 in Windows 
7. Can you confirm this? The problem is I am 
getting error most of the time when compiling my 
project. My project is use jet with MDB. Thx.
Comment by Hok [] on January 12, 08:02

Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7 

why am i not amazed of these clowns... (talking as an ex borlander)
good coding everyone! and best of luck!
Comment by dan marinescu [] on May 19, 05:58

Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7 

 what do i do if i have win32/NUQEL.E
it wont let me open documents on desktop it has virus 
protection pop ups its a big inconviencence and any help 
would be amazing thanks so much
Comment by Greg Leonard [] on October 17, 00:30

Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7 

 How can i open my folders.?
Comment by Daniyal on May 9, 13:57

Delphi Win32 Applications and Windows 7 

 I have multiple Delphi 7 programs running on a large  
network.  Currently the institution is converting the 
workstations from XP (which run great) to Win 7.  Most 
of my programs have taken a huge performance hit under 
Win 7.  I am not doing anything fancy, just disk I/O 
and access to my BTFiler DB.  

Any thoughts?  

Steve Cantrill
Comment by Steve Cantrill [email at] on March 5, 15:49

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