From Web Maps to Case Sensitive Languages

I worked on a web map during the weekend... and found (among other things) what people can end up doing with case sensitive languages, like JavaScript.

Auto Updating and Tracking Users

A question I'm asking myself is how (and how much) to track users, while they updating my Delphi application (or asking for updates).

Delphi 2007 Special Thanks

I bumped into this hidden Delphi 2007 dialog with special thanks to a group of great Delphi developers who helped CodeGear.

Italian Delphi Day 2007 plus Nick, Unicode, Microsoft , and More

We had a very nice event yesterday, with 100 developers taking part in the 5th Delphi Day organized in Italy by my company, Wintech Italia Srl, with the help of CodeGear.

My Take on the New Delphi Roadmap

CodeGear has released a new Delphi roadmap. This is very good news in itself, but what about the details?

Vista and Non-Setup Programs

Vista has an interesting way to determine if a program is a setup program: the program name!

Google Maps with a Delphi Server

Beside using a Google Map inside a Delphi application, you can write a custom server hosting maps, providing dynamic data to it.

CodeGear People: David I, Steve Trefethen

David I is still at Borland/CodeGear after 22 years, while Steve Trefethen is leaving the company.

Delphi is the VCL

The Delphi Roadmap and the Role and Future of the VCL. A long post linking to many sources and providing my point of view.

If With is Considered Harmful, What About Double With?

I use the with statement, sparingly, but using a with statement with multiple data structure is not something I like, but the VCL does it.

Router Configuration Lost

Yesterday the blog was no accessible, but the server was running fine...

EKON 11 / EuroDevCon 07 next September

I'm scheduled to speak at the joint EKON 11 / EuroDevCon 07 conference, scheduled for September 25th-27th in Frankfurt, Germany.

Delphi is the VCL, Feedback

Not all feedback to my "Delphi is the VCL" post is here on the blog... plus, some clarifications.