Yesterday the blog was no accessible, but the server was running fine... out local internet provider (a rather large telecom company) had quite a few problems. I guess they reset the our router and it lost part of the configuration (in particular that for port 80). This seems a frequent problem, but as they insist in not giving us control of the router, we have no other solution than wait for them (as have to say that once you reach them over the phone it takes seconds).

I'm wondering if I should really move this site onto a server hosted in a web farm (I cannot host the site alone as I need custom software installed on specific Linux distros, namely Debian or Ubuntu). I though about moving the entire computer in a web farm, but I'm worried about the cost and the loss of control. I do have another server in a web farm, though... so I guess it is only a matter of time before I move this one as well.

Again, sorry for the problem (on this and a few other sites of mine).