I'm quite busy, but couldn't resist posting this. Vista has an interesting way to determine if a program is a setup program: the program name! Of course, a program called setup.exe or install.exe is considered dangerous, so the operating system opens up a User Access Control window asking for confirmation: "An unauthorized program want to access your computer... " and the like. What's the point of the post? One of the key elements used to determine if a program is dangerous is its name. For example, suppose you have a program called Handset_Upper.exe. This works fine, no warning, no problem. Now you remove the undescore and the program is called HandsetUpper.exe, which is (I should underline) HandsetUpper.exe. Ouch! For Vista this is now a setup program: not only you get a warning before running it, but at the end it tells you installation might not have worked out! This is the screen shot:

Same exact executable, same folder, same everything but a different name and you get the standard behavior. Amusing, to say the least!