June 21, 2007

CodeGear People: David I, Steve Trefethen

David I is still at Borland/CodeGear after 22 years, while Steve Trefethen is leaving the company.

David I is still at Borland/CodeGear after 22 years, while Steve Trefethen is leaving the company.

I first met David I in 1990 (if I'm not wrong) for the Borland OOP World Tour, in which he gave presentations along with Bruce Eckel and Zack Urlocker. The three of them even ended up visiting my parent's house in the countryside and a 1000 year old castle nearby. I've met David I so many times since then (in the US, in Italy, in other European countries) that it is impossible to keep a count. David I is the individual representing Borland/CodeGear to developers of the entire world. Kudos for this achievement... and we hope to have you managing developer relations, conferences, events, and helping shape the products and the company for many years to come.

I'm not personally that close to Steve T. (the other Steve T.?) but I've followed a lot of this technical work on the VCL, heard him give presentations at past Borland Conferences, and (recently) appreciated reading his blog. I think the Delphi community owes you a big thank you Steve. BTW, good to know you are not going to join the big crowd of ex-Borlanders in Redmond...



CodeGear People David I, Steve Trefethen 

  Thanks very much for the kind words, they're much
Comment by Steve Trefethen [http://www.stevetrefethen.com/blog/] on June 21, 09:40

CodeGear People David I, Steve Trefethen 

Frankly, I would have preferred the other way round. 
Steve made a great job in the past years fixing the 
many issues past releases had, especially with the 
right QA approach and not only that. I believe it's 
a great loss for CodeGear.
While I think David I is accomplice of the very bad 
decisions taken in the recent past, and the 
immobility that followed. Time to retire, maybe?
Comment by Tired user on June 21, 10:59

CodeGear People David I, Steve Trefethen 

Tired used... maybe you are too tired! As much as I'll
miss Steve, David I is an icon of the company and his
departure would be a negative blow to its image. 
AFAICT, he was not part of the Inprise/Borland/ALM
decisions... but was instrumental in wanting and
starting CodeGear, which is the best thing that came
out of Borland over the last few years... 
He might have made mistake (who hasn't) but he was
honest in telling how bad past releases of Delphi had
been and that the developers legacy was worth keeping
and investing in. I've been told (by him and others)
countless "horror management stories" that I cannot
repeat... but when "the boss" for the conference wants
better food while saving on the speakers, it's not the
messanger you have to blame.

(please refrain to keep posting only negative
comments, would you?)
Comment by Marco Cantù [http://www.marcocantu.com] on June 21, 19:17

CodeGear People David I, Steve Trefethen 

To Evolve and to improve yourself. Those are not a
rebirth matter. You have to invest the best things you
have, in order to get rid of the worse ones. Obviously
you always lose something you didn't wanted to lose in
the first place and you can't avoid it.

I think David Intersimone is the one that represents
the best of the original idea and the good baggage of
Borland, just as the fact that having Nick Hodges as
part of the CG official Team is one of the ideas of
the improvement they want to pursue and the
improvement that we developers want.

Good luck Mr. Steve Trefethen, and thank you.
Comment by Salvador Gomez Retamoza [http://salvador.oversistemas.com] on June 21, 22:10

CodeGear People David I, Steve Trefethen 

 Dear Tired user,
I think the part of your post about David I is a
totally unwarranted personal attack and it shows a
very bad taste and poor education to say the least.
I don't know the guy nor what his role in the past has
been, but I think this is beside the point.
Good of Marco to straighten things up a bit, I
personally think the comment shouldn't have been
published at all.
Comment by Sebastiano Bussi on June 22, 01:51

CodeGear People David I, Steve Trefethen 


  I have to agree with you on "Tired User". I got two
more posts reiterating a personal attack to David I
from someone who doesn't even use its name to sign its
messages (I have a log of IP addresses, though) and
deleted them.

Tired User,
  I've published any sort of complaint, no problem
with your "roadmap sucks" position (although I'd like
to see a suggestion, because if everything is wrong
and CodeGear hopeless you should rather use VB, as you
say). However, I don't accept personal attacks,
particularly if they are not based on evidence and
direct experience.

Comment by Marco Cantù [http://www.marcocantu.com] on June 25, 11:01

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