I'm scheduled to speak at the joint EKON 11 / EuroDevCon 07 conference, scheduled for September 25th-27th in Frankfurt, Germany. These are two joint conferences. EKON 11 (page in German) continues a long lasting tradition of high quality developers conferences in Germany, while the EuroDevCon 07 (page in English) conference is more or less a new edition of what was formerly the Borland European Conference, renamed DevCon last year (before CodeGear existed).

Conference information is still partial and incomplete, but if you lie vein Europe you might want to mark your calendars early. Along with the 3-days conference there will be power workshops: I'll teach one covering Web 2.0 development with Delphi (an extended and largely updated version of last year tutorial on the same topic). I'm also scheduled to give a session on Delphi Dynamic Architectures with Packages and one on Delphi for Vista. I see there is also the plan for a Night School with a new edition of my popular "Fun Side of Delphi" talk.

I see other notable fellow speakers are expected including many Delphi gurus. I won't name any also because I'll upset all others and I cannot try to list them all as I see different names and sessions on the two sites, for EKON and EuroDevCon. The speakers list for this conference has always been strong in the past, I guess this year will make no exception... and I wonder if we'll end up eating at Lino's restaurant in Morfelden.

I'll keep you updated, of course.